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After years of research and development an innovative Warrior Foosball Table is quickly becoming the #1 selling foosball table in the world. The Warrior Table was designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty six year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty to revolutionize the way we play Foosball forever


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Dayton Daily NewsRelaxation and recreationDayton Daily NewsAngled walls help to define the diverse spaces, which currently hold pool and foosball tables along with workout equipment. A fireplace faced in stacked fieldstone embellishes the sitting area. There is a tall egress window at one end near a
DealBreakerWall Street Trying To Out-Foosball Silicon ValleyDealBreakerThose steps, in brief, are “foosball and fridges.” If the distinctive culture of Silicon Valley has taught us anything, it's that employees need to feel like they're in a yuppie Dave & Buster's at all times. For s
Los Angeles TimesThe Vegas holiday shopping guide because really, who doesn't need a 24-karat gold foosball table with accouterments ...Los Angeles TimesFoosball fans will drool when they eye the Crystalline Gold Limited Edition Foosball Table. The players are plated in 24-karat gold and sit atop a
For The Win5 Cyber Monday Deals for sports fans | For The WinFor The WinAs your inbox has probably told you roughly 1000 times, it's Cyber-Monday. We love a good deal at For the Win, so we've pulled together some of the best ...and more »

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Power Drill Foosball: GOOOOOAAAALLLL! - Technabob (blog)

Technabob (blog)Power Drill Foosball: GOOOOOAAAALLLL!Technabob (blog)How do you take Foosball from “It's kinda fun I guess.” to “This game is awesome!?” You add power tools. Duh! The folks at SGS Engineering in Derby, UK have modified the foosball table in their office by swi

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Social News DailyOffice Creates Epic 'Power Drill Foosball' And You Have To Check It OutSocial News DailyWhen their regular games of office foosball began to get a little boring, the guys at SGS Engineering thought of a way to bring the fun of friendly competition back. Of course, it involved power
AskMenUK Engineers Add Power Drills To Foosball TablesAskMenSure, having a foosball table in the office is pretty cool, but it gets kinda lame after a while. Inflicted by this lameness themselves, a few U.K. engineers devised a plan. They rigged up power drills to their foosball — and bam &mda
TechCrunchHaving conquered Chess and Go, the robots move to master ...TechCrunchWe've come a long way since the days of selecting a CPU player for the other Pong paddle, tank or hand-to-hand combatant. Now the computers are taking it to..It's only a game: Robots defeat humans on foosball playing fie

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Spinning Is the Only Strategy When You Play Foosball With Power Drills

There’s always one annoying dude at the table screaming, “no spinning!” whenever you’re playing foosball. But when you replace the game’s handles with high-speed electric drills, frantic spinning is the only real gameplay strategy you have at your disposal.Read more...

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Foosball is one of those simple games that doesn’t need fixing. It’s already the perfect way to waste four years of college. But it turns out there is actually a way to make table soccer even more enjoyable: by turning all of the players into opposing squadrons of stormtroopers.Read more
When Ford's designers aren't perfecting the gorgeous curves on vehicles like the company's new Ford GT, they're putting their design chops to good use on more affordable and attainable objects like this magnificent see-through foosball table.Read more...
If you're not fortunate enough to find yourself working in one of those cool offices full of pool and foosball tables, Suck UK's foosball erasers will still let you hold your own mini-World Cup with nothing but an empty table and a couple of pencils.Read more...

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Warrior Professional Table chosen for “Top 10” for 2016

Compiled with twenty-six hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published in our toys category, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of foosball table options available to consumers in the United States.  You can view the video wiki at this url:

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1 Apr 2016, 12:34 pm

West Coast Regional Club Tournament June 17th-19th Palm Springs,CA East Coast Regional Club Tournament August 5th-7th Baneberry, TN South Regional Club Tournament Oct 28-30th Runawaybay, TX The post 2016 Tournaments appeared first on .
The Warrior Professional Foosball Table has been given to a few lucky winners on the National Game Show – The Price is right. Air times are: March 7, 2016 @ 11:00am   March 31, 2016 @ 11:00am   April 18, 2016 @ 11:00am November 7, 2016 @ 11:00am Check them out to see who wins! [&hell
Don’t Forget to join us at our Warrior Table Profession Tour Event in Palm Springs, CA. ITSF Double and Singles will include master series event points. And Senior Double and Singles will be qualifiers for the 2017 ITSF World Championship in Germany. Due to the number of attendees the condo ac
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