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After years of research and development an innovative Warrior Foosball Table is quickly becoming the #1 selling foosball table in the world. The Warrior Table was designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty six year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty to revolutionize the way we play Foosball forever


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Spinning Is the Only Strategy When You Play Foosball With Power Drills

There’s always one annoying dude at the table screaming, “no spinning!” whenever you’re playing foosball. But when you replace the game’s handles with high-speed electric drills, frantic spinning is the only real gameplay strategy you have at your disposal.Read more...

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Foosball is one of those simple games that doesn’t need fixing. It’s already the perfect way to waste four years of college. But it turns out there is actually a way to make table soccer even more enjoyable: by turning all of the players into opposing squadrons of stormtroopers.Read more
When Ford's designers aren't perfecting the gorgeous curves on vehicles like the company's new Ford GT, they're putting their design chops to good use on more affordable and attainable objects like this magnificent see-through foosball table.Read more...
If you're not fortunate enough to find yourself working in one of those cool offices full of pool and foosball tables, Suck UK's foosball erasers will still let you hold your own mini-World Cup with nothing but an empty table and a couple of pencils.Read more...

Warrior Table Soccer

The Benefits Of Playing Foosball

If anyone tells you that playing foosball will give you an equivalent workout to playing a game of soccer…well, they’re wrong. However, while table soccer doesn’t provide nearly the same extent of exercise as soccer out on the field, a few intense games can actually burn more calo

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Wondering what it takes to elevate your foosball experience to the next level? Ultimately, time and practice are what turns an average foosball player into a truly stellar player, and maybe even a professional someday. Working on your hand-eye coordination skills is also a very useful and practical
From avid foosball players to accomplished professionals and total novices, the feeling of scoring a goal is just about the same across the board: it feels very satisfying. And why wouldn’t it? After an intense few minutes of following the foosball with your eyes and coordinating your hand mov
In terms of practical skills that involve the physical use of your body, being able to successfully sync your hands and your eyes is really important. Sure, there are many physical movements we execute on a daily basis that are also integral to being a functional person, but it’s fair to say t
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